Maxine Bowron

Available Tuesday through Friday & Every Other Saturday

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An esthetician and waxing specialist since 2006, Maxine brings her extensive knowledge of dermal conditions, peels, and treatments for your skin's specific needs, using our exclusive SKINCEUTICALS professional products.

All services are performed in a quiet, comfortable and private room where clients will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Maxine will walk you through your service step-by-step, explaining what she is using and why, so you may fully understand the benefits and features of the facial experience. A recommendation will be offered for at-home care at the end.

Specializing in waxing of all kinds, Maxine brings her famed "15 minute" Brazilian Wax to TRIO Salon, understanding that not all women are comfortable with this intimate and personal service. Speed and most importantly, efficiency are key factors for a painless and smooth result.